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There are tons of ski resorts and ski towns in the European alps, with, naturally, a bunch of sport shops. A lot of these have got their shit together with a fat K2 lineup in store, and one of them is my definite #1 choice.

Engelberg is a favorite spot for pow hungry skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. Even the Swiss themselves, who often try to avoid the herds of foreign snow destroying intruders by staying in the few local secret spots left in the country, can’t deny Engelbergs quite unbeatable combination of easy access, perfect mix of Alp village feeling and freeride spirit, good snow statistics, high altitude and extremely easy accessible grand freeride terrain.

Heli skiing, only it’s the thing you’re sitting in that spins, it’s attached to a wire, it’s full of asian tourists and plays really really bad music.

… and you can skip the guide, ride where ever you want and slide right into this killer terrain straight from the piste.

For me there is even another reason for always swinging by Engelberg when I’m in the Alps: Dani’s Okay Freeride Shop. 100% dedicated, 100% freeride and backcountry focused and 100% welcoming and laidback feeling is the stats for this place. Dani, who is a skier himself, though with a pair of worn out knees that he’s working on a pretty high tech hardware solution for, runs the place pretty much himself and is the man to come to when the pow is getting deep and you need to get some rockers, when you’ve got a weird gear problem or when you just want to have a coffee and check your emails to see if your girlfriend has decided to terminate your relationship because you have been “snowed in” for too long, your bank account to see if your mom has transferred any money or the snow forecast to see if the Snow God is going to be your daddy for the next week too.

coffee machine, couches, beer, ski mags and ski movies in the chill out deptmnt

very experienced super skilled technicians in the back

advanced telemark binding costomizing… Okay, no probs.

Dani is rockin rockers, flying the K2 flag high, renting out the fat planks and always greeting you with a smile, at least if you bring him some snus.

Big ups to Dani and Okay Shop, and see you there this season too!

-Torkel Karoliussen

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