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We heard Pep was killing it this year and now he picked up a silver at Red Bull Cold Rush! Pep Fujas has been known for awhile as an incredible skier and we are stoked he’s back on top after a serious injury last season. For those of you who don’t know, Red Bull Cold Rush is the most badass big mountain freeski event of the year. It is invite only and only a handful of the world’s best skiers are asked to attend.

Check out the video below of a few featured runs on the slopestyle day of Cold Rush. If you’re still hungry for more there’s also video from Day 1, big mountain lines.


Photo by: Erik Seo/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Photo by: Ian Fohrman/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

pep fujas cold rush jump

Photo by: Christian Pondella/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Pep is usually seen on his pro model, the Kung Fujas, but at just 110mm under foot you can find him skiing the new Pettitor or SideSeth when in deep snow and big mountain lines.

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