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After I came back from an awesome trip with Warren Miller in Japan, we got quite a bit of snow in austria. At the same time I got a call from Pollard, that the Nimbus crew (Pollard, Fujas, Pondella, Smith and Wiegand) are planning to do a austria trip 2.0 and if I´m motivated for the next 2 weeks to shred with them. Sure I was.

Tirol area got 2 feet and more in 24h, but the crew was still on the way to europe. That day was definitely one of the better days this year. Next day I picked them up at munich at the airport and told them first of all “you should have been here yesterday”, sure they were all stoked…and then the road trip started. We got hooked up with 2 new BMW X1. First destination was arlberg, but streets were closed… So we stayed at a hotel in Bludenz.

The following days we had pretty high avi danger, so we decided to take it easy. We skied Arlberg for 1 week, then we went to Zillertal for a couple of more days, but it got pretty warm. It was a pretty awesome trip with really good conditions at the beginning, really good food and to much DUFF games. But all in all we got some amazing footage – check it out in the upcoming webisode

-Roman Rohrmoser

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