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Name: Kelly Sildaru
Age: 11
Home Mountain: Nõmme Lumepark
K2 Ski of choice: Missy
Sponsors: K2, Red Bull, Nike, Oakley, Blue Tomato, Mariine, Dalbello

How is summer in Estonia?
Summer is always great. I don’t have to go to school, get to sleep as long as I want in the mornings and stay up late. I wish summer would be warmer in Estonia so I could spend more time on the beach; longboarding and wakeboarding are also good fun.

What are your typical activities every day there?
Sleeping and eating of course, playing and fighting with my brother, just chilling and hanging around, meeting up with friends, sometimes doing workouts or longboarding, wakeboarding or cycling to the beach. Also my mother wants me to do some cleaning after myself, but I often forget that.

Where do you plan on travelling for skiing this winter?
I am dreaming of reaching some new destinations, but not sure if it will come true.

What are you most excited for this season?
IF3 Tokyo and even more for the Olympics.

Have you learned any new tricks recently?
Everything new will get revealed in my new season edit, so stay tuned!

Who is your favorite skiing partner?
Madi Rowlands, a girl from the UK who I met last summer in L2A. Since then I’m always hoping she shows up in the comps I go to so that we can ski and hang out together. It is huge for me to ski with someone my age and even more importantly with a girl.

Are you excited to see the Olympics unfold and to hopefully be a part of them someday?
I am super exited about that and how it will all turn out. Right now no one has any experience with the jumps or judging. Also it is very interesting to see how it will affect freestyle skiing, especially the girls scene. I wish I could already be a part of it but I just have to wait until I am old enough to represent my country in such a grand event as the Olympics. With slopestyle and pipe skiing added to Olympics there has been an idea rolling in my head; how they should name the medals `Sarah` to carry on her legacy to many generations and also to honor her. Grammys and Oscars are being given, it would be very beautiful to give and own a `Sarah`
but it is just an idea of mine and most likely it would be possible with a competition other than the Olympics.

Do you go to school full time?
Yes, but I’m not fully there. During the winter I am away a few times for a few weeks and then I take assignments from teachers that I do abroad. If competitions are not involved then we set my trips to the time when it is school break and everybody is off.

What is your favorite subject in school?
Math and physical education. I like doing sports and I am destined for that. In math I have a nice teacher and I also do well.

Who is your favorite girl skier to watch?
I like to keep my eye on every girl in the scene, to see how they progress and maybe even be affected by that; mostly I think it is not about pushing yourself to learn one big trick but to be versatile and to be comfortable first. Everything comes step by step.

Who is your favorite guy skier to watch?
Aspen Spora. He is my friend and we are about the same age so I can compare myself with him; also he has tons of style and is very enjoyable to watch.

Which skier has the best style?
No other than Wallisch with his afterbang landings. Impressive, I’m trying to get there 😀

What do you want to be when you grow up?
It changes all the time. I have wanted to become a shop clerk, now I’m thinking about a physical education teacher.

What are your hobbies besides skiing?
Everything you can think of. At the moment, most of all cruising with my longboard and learning how to golf.

What is your favorite memory from the 12/13 ski season?
Oh, I have so many good memories but if I have to choose, then the most outstanding is going to Euro X-Games by heli that Nike organized for their athletes.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever been? Why?
Europa Park in Germany because I like rollercoasters. Now I’m already big enough that I get to go on the craziest ones!

How many languages do you speak?
I only speak one language, Estonian, but I’m learning German and English in school.

Any last words…?
Traditionally I want to thank my sponsors, family, friends and fans; everyone who is there for me.

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