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FWT favorite Christine Hargin gives you a little insight to life as one of the world’s best female big mountain skiers!

Age: 33
Home Mountain: None really since I live in Stockholm, but I travel to ski all over the world.
K2 Skis of choice: Pettitor (Shreditor 120)
Sponsors: K2, Norrøna, Kombi, Sweet Protection gear, Yniq.

What have you been up to this summer? I’ve been focusing on physical training; started to work with a trainer and have been training on the water jump to learn some tricks. I’ve also gotten in a few surfing days.

Tell us a bit about your last season… It started well with two victories in the Freeride World Tour, had an amazing trip to California with both skiing and surfing and ended the season a bit early due to a minor injury.

How does it feel to be the FWT Champion from 2012 and in the top 5 the past 3 years? It feels great! Also the tour is growing and I feel lucky to have been a part of it. Its a great combination for me to be part of the world tour and also to be involved in some interesting projects.

We see that you’ve been hitting the water ramps, any new tricks you’ve nailed? Yeah, I think that I need to get better with tricks overall so I started with some basic flips and hopefully I can take them to the backcountry this winter. It would be cool to take them to the world tour as well. It’s also important for air control so I don’t forget that feeling during the summer break.

What are you looking forward to this upcoming season? Looking forward to being back on the world tour, some film projects and to visit new, amazing places in the world.

Any big trips planned? Lofoten, Norway and Alaska.

What’s the most challenging part of dropping cliffs in competition opposed to riding for fun? You can’t see it closely and you have to nail it on the first try!

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever hucked off of? My last part in Freeradicals, The Sunny Side. It is a cliff with an icefall, where the sluff pushed me out. Watch it in my edit!

Any advice to girls wanting to build confidence to drop cliffs? Start jumping off of cliffs everywhere while riding and also be in the park a bit to get used to the air time. It has to be a thing you always do when you ride, you cant wait to practice in contests. Start with some small stuff and develop from that, so that you stay away from being injured.

Where is the biggest/best spine you’ve ever ridden?  Verbier, Bec de rosses

Favorite après ski town to party in after a hard day riding?Favorite bar there? In Verbier, France. Also in Åre, Dalboms.

What are you doing when you’re not skiing? Surfing, skateboarding and arranging events.

What’s your favorite summertime activity? Traveling and living in my VW-van!

Skier you look up to the most? Why? My brother Mattias and my sister Janette because of their strong riding styles. Also those who can rip all over the mountain; freeride, park and everything in between.

Craziest person you’ve ever skied with? I’d have to say my boyfriend Adam- watch my Instagram (@krikkan_) for some proof this winter!

Photo by: Hannes Soderlund


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