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Hey guys and gals, it’s your favorite marketing intern, here for my second installment of blogging about life at K2.

In case you care to hear an update on my living situation, I’m almost finished with the giant tub of peanut butter I bought at Sam’s club, and I’m carpooling with another intern to work, so now I get to pass all of your hapless souls that can’t use the HOV lane.

If you’re familiar with K2, then you know this guy.

Mullet makes ski boots look as sexy as Kate Upton does cheeseburgers.

I bet you didn’t know that he rides around in this beauty.

Mr. DJ Mullet came by the office the other day to take us out to get cheesesteaks and brought us in the style that K2 employees should have when they go out for cheesesteaks.

Earlier this week, K2 received a batch of T3 avalanche beacons from Backcountry Access (BCA). After setting them up, there was a friendly office competition to find the beacons the fastest. The first two competitors found them in just under 45 seconds. I found it in about 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Avalanche Beacons – Revolutionizing Hide & Seek

Now, you may look at these numbers and call me a loser or inept– and you wouldn’t be wrong, but I wouldn’t say you’re right either. Life is all about consistency. What’s consistent about coming in third place in a drill to save a person’s life? I also came in third place in a three-person ping-pong tourney. Boom. Consistency. That’s what it takes to be a K2 intern.

On a side note, because I lost the beacon search, I had to go get lunch for the whole office and forgot the Global Marketing Manager’s sandwich. Oops.

Wyatt – OUT!

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