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It’s Back! #K2FreeBootFriday

Everyone loves free stuff. K2 Free Boot Friday is back and we’re stoked to be spreading the love throughout the fall. What’s Free Boot Friday you may ask? Every other Friday in September and October we’ll be giving away free boots to the most creative posts.

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K2 and KIND Snacks Join Forces for an Epic Snow Season

Kind K2

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying down the mountain with some of the best athletes in the biz, or wanted to experience the adrenaline pumping thrill of learning new tricks while wearing the best gear around, now is your chance! Introducing the K2 and STRONG & KIND partnership. Here’s the need-to-know:

  1. Beginning August 10th through the 2015-2016 winter season, ski and snowboard enthusiasts will be able to indulge their savory snack cravings while shredding the mountain thanks to STRONG & KIND teaming up with industry leader, K2.
  1. To celebrate the partnership, STRONG & KIND and K2 are joining forces to give one lucky winner the chance to experience the Ultimate Mountain Adventure in Seattle, Washington from December 10th to the 13th. While on the Ultimate Mountain Adventure, the winner and a friend will have a chance to enjoy many exciting activities including a tour of the K2 factory, a ski/snowboard experience with K2 athlete, Tyler Ceccanti, an après ski happy hour with STRONG & KIND-inspired hors d’oeuvres, and more. The winner will also be provided with fun take home prizes, including STRONG & KIND product and K2 gear. All devoted STRONG & KIND and K2 fans are invited to enter the contest through , from now until September 3rd, when a winner will be selected.
  1. STRONG & KIND bars are the perfect chairlift snack for skiers and riders to keep you on the hill longer and are a tasty accompaniment to an après ski brew. With 10g of plant-based protein (soy-and-whey free), its savory flavors like Roasted Jalapeno and Hickory Smoked BBQ are sure to make you feel even bolder as you’re careening down the mountain at lightning speed.
  1. K2 is all about Serious Fun. Founded by iconic individuals off the shores of Seattle, Washington. K2 is set out to make the best skis, boots, helmets, goggles and poles in the world. K2 produces the best all-mountain skis using innovative technology, efficient engineering, blood, sweat and beers. From Olympic gold to personal moments of mountain solitude, K2 is serious about having fun both on and off the hill.
  1. STRONG & KIND and K2 will be keeping the adventure alive through the winter season by initiating surprise offerings through our social pages over the next several months. Be sure to follow both STRONG & KIND and K2 on our social channels for more details to come:

Kind K2


Dads are Rad

Dads are the best! Besides telling him you love him and giving him a new pair of skis this Father’s Day, post a photo and hashtag #DadsSkiK2. Here’s what a few of our athletes had to say about their Dads…

McKenna Peterson:
My dad taught me how to stand on skis at age 2 and how to rip the Sun Valley bowls at age 5. He drove me to ski races and educated me on how to travel through the backcountry. He allowed me to skip inspection runs for powder runs and play hooky on those ultra deep days. He taught me the value of hard work and that the only way to improve is to practice. Today, I am still on his tails, and learning from him every step of the way.

Reggie Crist:
My dad and I in South America last year. The highlight was having him return to Portillo where he skied 55 years ago. According to him, ‘the place looks the same,’ except you didn’t have to take the train which was only way to get there in 1959.

Sam Schwartz:
As a kid my father and I used to ski every weekend at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Every time he would ski down the cat track my father would ski right on the edge and act as if he was about to fall off. I always worried he would fall off, but now I’m the one who worries him.

Corey Seemann:
My father Bob is the reason I love skiing today. He was Jean Claude Killy’s coach and manager of the Rossignol Pro Team back in the day. My dad has continued to support my dream of being an extreme skier and is always pushing me to the next level.

Jacob Beebe:

I always wanted to hike the cone at Mt. Bachelor when I was a kid and you helped me accomplish it! Thanks for all the good times growing up. Love you dad.

Birk Irving:
I don’t exactly remember this day but I’m sure that my dad was teaching me 360’s before I could speak. I appreciate all he’s done for me to help pursue my career of becoming a pro skier.

Cayden Wood:
My dad skis with me a lot and I think it’s pretty cool that he does. Not many dads do that. He’s as passionate as I am about the sport…well…almost.





Lofoten Magic

Erin Smart is a Seattle native who has dedicated her life to skiing and climbing in the mountains.  She grew up skiing and climbing all over the Cascades of Washington State and has since spent several winters ski mountaineering in La Grave and Chamonix, France. Recently Erin took a trip to the Lofoten Islands. Below is a recap of this epic trip, in her own words: 

Gazing out through my key hole in the window seat, earbuds pumping LCD Soundsystem, I felt excited to be heading north. There was a touchy snowpack in Chamonix this winter, and I was glad to be leaving that deep persistent weak layer that had been lurking below us all season.

Erin Smart Lofton Hike

The Lofoten Islands are regarded as one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. The mountains climb straight out from the Norwegian Sea into a wide variety of terrain. Looking around, it is impossible not to get inspired. Ski lines are everywhere you look, and if you can’t park directly below, a hired boat can bring you up to the shore where you can put your ski boots on next to the snowy seashells.

My first day this season I joined my fellow guide Mark and his clients to see how conditions were before I started work. During the morning guide meeting everyone was excited to get out. There was 30cm of new snow, and stability was expected to be good. We went to go check out a new zone in the Reinslett valley, just a 30 minute drive from the skiers lodge.

Lofton Turns

Heading in, there was a tall steep side wall of alpine ice gullies on our left. I kept peering up at each gully, trying to see if any connected. They all appeared to need at least a bit of climbing gear to ascend, but maybe for another day. As the valley split, we arched to its right, circling around the base of the peak. As we gained a snowy bench into a beautifully quiet alpine cirque, possibilities surrounded us. A col appeared to have a few nice options and looked to be relatively straightforward to reach. As we began traversing toward it, the slope steepened to where side-hilling was no longer going to be an option. As Mark and I were about to change plans, we looked up to an impressive couloir hiding above us, that went as far as we could see until it turned right at its top. With our strong group of skiers, we transitioned to booting, and made our way up the line. Mark and I kept swapping breaking trail in front as the powder was waist deep at times. 1000ft later, we topped out onto a perfect transition platform just below the peak. Our ski racing clients raged down the couloir, hooting the whole way. It was going to be a good Lofoten season.

Erin Smart Lofton Ski

Several weeks later, after every kind of weather and snow conditions imaginable, and meeting many wonderful new clients who came to visit, I had a week off to play at the end of my trip. My brother and sister-in-law came up from Chamonix, and my parents came in from Seattle. I showed them some classic lines, and we explored a bit as well. We skied powder in couloirs, surfed in the Arctic Sea, ate fresh cod that we caught, and took a rib boat to ski in the Trollfjord. It was the perfect end to another great season in Lofoten.

Erin Smart Skin

We hugged goodbye to our friends at the Lofoten Skiers Lodge and Northern Alpine Guides, and made our way back to Chamonix. Back to the land of glaciers and lifts, we took advantage that next day of perfect conditions of two lines I have been waiting to ski in the right conditions for several seasons; the Glacier Rond and the Cosmiques Couloir. Back to back, we skied perfect spring conditions down both runs. While I am already dreaming of the quiet corners to explore next year in Lofoten, it is good to be back in Chamonix where the transition to climbing season has begun and the snowy dreams are just that for a while.


The All-New OoolaLuv 85Ti

Developed by women for women, we are excited to be bringing back the the Luv!  The new Luv skis provide ladies with strength and stability, but also forgiveness and control thanks to the all-new channel light core technology. The staple ski in the new Luv line is the OoolaLuv 85ti. Created by the K2 Ski Alliance, this is the quintessential all-mountain ski. With a versatile waist width of 85mm underfoot, the OoolaLuv can ski everywhere.  The new core gives skiers a lighter ski that results in reduced swing weight and a smooth flex that a hard charging all-mountain ski needs. Click play on the video above to see it in action and for an in-depth look at the latest from the K2 Ski Alliance.