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The K2 Squad Rips In New Warren Miller Film

If you haven't taken a helo to the top of a mountain to ski, you should change that.
Have you taken a helo to the top of a mountain to ski yet? The K2 crew highly recommends it.

You know the name. You know the voice. You’ve been watching Warren Miller flicks ever since you were knee-high to a grasshopper. Heck, your parents have probably been doing the same. This year, K2 athletes Amie, Collin, Lexi, Tyler, and McKenna deliver the early season stoke in the newest WME release, Line of Descent. From the big mountains of Montana and AK to the lively European après scene, the K2 crew keeps it sendy and shows what it means to be in the #k2stateofmind.

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Tyler Ceccanti

Gas powered BC access opens up MASS amounts of terrain.
Tyler knows gas powered BC access rules.

McKenna Peterson

Full throttle.
McKenna at full throttle.

Lexi DuPont

Lynard Skynard would be proud.
Lexi spreading her wings AND getting the GoPro footie to prove it.

Collin Collins

Beats working...
Beats working, unless this is your Jay Oh Bee…

Amie Engerbretson

Proper form.
Proper form from proper pro, Amie.



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Stay Fit This Summer With The K2 Crew

The K2 family at the local's favorite resort, Alpental
The K2 family at local’s favorite Alpental, WA

Staying fit and active in the summer is the best way to ski hard again once the snow starts to fall.  With mountains, ocean, lakes, and rivers all within a couple hours of the K2 global headquarters, we can’t think of a better place than Seattle and the PNW to call home.  Check out the ways some of the in-house K2 crew gets down during the summer months to stay in ski shape all year long.

Liza Bee Hodgins – Finance and Accounting

Liza topping out on Brother Peak in Olympic National Park
Liza topping out on Brother Peak in Olympic National Park

Most of my “staying in shape for skiing” is disguised as adventuring in the mountains with friends.  I ski year-round in the backcountry, seeking out the last of the snow before it melts in the Cascades, then turning to the volcanoes. If I’m not doing that I’m out riding trails on my mountain bike; I find it very similar to ski touring, spending most of the time climbing then reaping the rewards of your “suffering” by ripping down and high-fiving at the bottom. I also enjoy a good summit scramble or multi-day backpacking trip. During the week I bike commute most days, which helps me stay sane and also has the added benefit of being good for me.

Dan Mohr – Graphic Design

I inline skate on K2 Skate’s SODO for endurance and cardio, and aggressive skate on K2 Skate’s Unnatural in the parks on the rails and bowls, doing the flips and the jumps and grinders.  I paddle board to keep my core in shape, and I lift weights and do dips and pull ups and push ups to stay looking fly.  I love to run steps, keeps my legs strong for hiking.  I also hike a lot.

Valerie Long – Marketing Manager

The family that plays together...
The family that plays together…

My summer includes, spending a lot of time with my girls playing friendly games of beach dodgeball, running throughout the PNW, tennis, skating on Alki and lots of hikes throughout the West.

Thomas Kauffman – Supply Chain

Rolling deep with Thomas' MTB crew
Rolling deep with Thomas’ MTB crew

Mountain biking is my primary summer sport. I think it’s the perfect sport to compliment skiing. You get to navigate the mountains and woods while wearing shorts and t-shirt. Nothing beats a hard couple laps on Tiger or Tokul and then a post-ride dip in the river. It’s also one of the most physically demanding sports I’ve ever done. It keeps your legs and core strong so you’re ready to rip when the snow starts to fall!

Garrett Lund – Customer Service

Garrett, the fish whisper, in his element
Garrett, the fish whisper, in his element

Come summertime I’m already thinking about next winter but I do love summer activities. In the summer I find myself fly fishing, mountain biking, and trail running, and find myself on the road every weekend trying to escape the city. All these sports take me outside, but mountain biking and trail running have the most application to offseason ski training. I find that mountain biking keeps me practicing movements that have application to skiing. Its also just a fun sport that takes me around the west.

One my other summer activities is trail running. This sport was definitely inspired by my desire to try and stay in ‘ski shape’. Its an activity that  is great offseason ski training and it takes you into the outdoors. At the end of the day it just makes those hiking trails take less time. Really looking forward to summer and the sunshine!

Jesse Cote – Graphic Design

Jesse balancing work with play
Jesse balancing work with play

I spend my summer practicing falling over from headstands, jumping on boxes, spending countless hours executing the perfect hopscotch with 4-year-old twins, and yelling at people while training to teach boot camp.

Jed Yeiser – Ski Engineering

Jed harvesting a bountiful spring/summer corn crop
Jed enjoying a bountiful spring/summer corn harvest

We’re in the PNW, so the skiing never really ends!  During the spring and summer I split my time between ski touring adventures and getting out on the mountain bike (the PNW has some of the best riding in the world!)

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SCOPING LINES—Pep Fujas and Sean Pettit

This past winter we made the pilgrimage to the powder Mecca, Utah, to link up with Factory Team leader Pep Fujas. Sean Pettit also came on board as Pep showed us around his home resorts of Snowbird and Alta, followed by some heli time with our friends at Powderbird. Pep and Sean served up their signature high speed, smooth yet aggressive style and we can’t wait to go back for more. | Filmed & edited by Nick Meilleur | Music: “Method” by Bugseed


Contest Rules

-We are giving away 4 pairs of K2 Marksman Skis—one (1) pair for North America, one (1) pair for South America, one (1) pair for Europe, and one (1) pair for Asia/Australia/New Zealand.

-Contest open only from September 20 – September 27, 2016 at midnight PST. Winner will be announced by October 6 2016.

-Contest winners will be randomly selected! 

-Prize is one (1) pair of K2 Marksman skis in the size of their choice, subject to availability.

-Contestants may only enter with one email address.

“Here, There & Everywhere” — New Warren Miller Entertainment Film

Boulder, CO – August 4, 2016: The most respected name in action-sports film production, Warren Miller Entertainment has announced its 67th full-length feature film will be titled, “Here, There & Everywhere”. The industry leader also reveals the original filmmaker, narrator and household name Warren Miller himself will appear on-screen in this year’s movie. See the teaser and tour calendar here.

In this 67th annual Warren Miller film, take a freeski voyage with industry veterans Ingrid Backstrom and Wendy Fisher in Crested Butte, tour Eastern Greenland by dog sled with Seth Wescott and Rob Kingwill and follow Jess McMillan and Grete Eliassen on a Swiss holiday aboard the Glacier Express. Explore the backcountry of Western Montana’s Glacier Country with Tyler Ceccanti, Collin Collins and Keith Curtis and catch a powder day with Kaylin Richardson, Matt Elliott, Marcus Caston and the Kicking Horse ski patrol in British Columbia.

Presale tickets will be available September 8-11, 2016 online-only at a discount of $4-off each ticket. General on sale will begin September 12, 2016 both online and at participating retail locations. No fees will be associated with ticket sales at participating retail locations.

Our K2 Rad Dads Contest Winner Is…

Nora Esders! Here is the winning submission of her Dad, Nick. We felt it represents K2 to the fullest; laid back, fun times on snow! This was spring skiing at Mammoth Mountain in late June of 1972. Nick is turning 70 this year and still gets 100 ski days in every season. Enjoy your new boots Nick and goggles Nora! We hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day. | #seriousfun

Nick Esders keeping his tips up.
Nick Esders keeping his tips up.

K2 Rad Dads Father’s Day Contest!


To celebrate Father’s Day this year, we are launching a contest for you and your Dad! Show us your favorite Rad Dadness moment on Instagram and you just might win a pair of ski boots for your pop! Not to mention some sweet goggles for yourself.

With our FitLogix system we have the perfect fit for any foot so your Dad will be stoked. Come on, we know some Dads out there need new boots and who doesn’t love new goggles?!

All you have to do is tag both our account @k2skis and hashtag #K2RadDads in your photo and you will be entered to win! We’ll pick the winner based on our favorite photo submitted by midnight on Father’s Day, which is June 19th 2016. Contest Rules are below.

Good Luck and Stay Rad!


Contest Rules

Contest open to US Residents only from June 7 – June 19, 2016. Winner will be announced by June 24 2016. 

-Contest winner wins one (1) pair of K2 Ski boots of their choice and one (1) K2 goggle, both subject to availability.

– Only those who tag @K2skis and #K2RadDads will be considered.

– Winners will be asked to provide an email address within a week of winning. If Winners fail to respond, a new one will be selected instead.

K2 Athletes Across the Globe



This year our athletes travelled far and wide to get the goods! Here are some of our favorite shots from the year. Follow us here for more!


Ken Lucas / Brendan Gibson photo
Ken Lucas / Brendan Gibson photo
Ken Lucas / Hayley Melidonis photo
Ken Lucas / Hayley Melidonis photo

Here Ken Lucas checks in from Antarctica where he went ski touring among his penguin friends and nailed some really nice ascents and descents.


Severin Guggemoos ripping the park.
Severin Guggemoos ripping the park.

Severin Guggemoos has been ripping parks all over Europe, here he is with a switch cork 5 in Ehrwald, Tirol, Austria!


Lucas Vianna / Ilanna Barkusky photo
Lucas Vianna / Ilanna Barkusky photo

Lucas Vianna oozing style above Vancouver, BC at Grouse Mountain, Canada.


Holly Walker / Daniela Hochmuth photo
Holly Walker / Daniela Hochmuth photo

Ski mountaineer Holly Walker has been snagging peaks left and right in France. On the ascent in Chamonix, France.


McKenna Peterson
McKenna Peterson

McKenna Peterson is no stranger to steep, fast lines. Here she finds a fun one in Hornstrandir, Iceland.


Robert Szul in Mottolino Livigno
Robert Szul in Mottolino Livigno

Park shredder Robert Szul gets his fix at the epic looking Mottolino Livigno resort in Italy.


Adam U / Mattias Evangelista photo
Adam U / Mattias Evangelista photo

Telemark skier Adam U grinning from ear to ear after one of the best runs of his life in Myoko, Japan!


Laurent Bernhard / Martin Guerra photo
Laurent Bernhard / Martin Guerra photo

Skiing isn’t just for the winter! Here Laurent Bernhard rips a creek in Peru.


Adria Millan / Txema Trull photo
Adria Millan / Txema Trull photo

There is crazy good skiing in Spain! Adria Millan ripping in Baqueira Beret, España.


Florian Bruchez
Florian Bruchez

Switzerland has some of the best parks and pow in the world. No surprise seeing Florian Bruchez styling out a side hit in Ovronnaz.


Lexi Dupont / Will Wissman photo
Lexi Dupont / Will Wissman photo

Can’t forget the good ol’ US of A! Especially when it’s Lexi DuPont skiing some of the most amazing terrain in the world in Haines, Alaska.

That’s it that’s all, we’re hoping next year takes our skiers to even more amazing places around the globe!


The All-New Pinnacle 95

Here is an exclusive sneak peak at our new 2015 K2 Pinnacle 95. The all new K2 Pinnacle 95 features Konic technology, optimizes the construction materials and efficiently distributes them exactly where you need it, over the edge for maximum power and control. This redistribution maintains a strong, solid and responsive ski while reducing the swing weight by nearly 20%. Finally, hard charging doesn’t have to be hard to ski. Available in the Fall of 2015.

Team K2 – Clayton Vila

One of the most respected skiers in the game, Clayton Vila is known for his crazy urban antics and incredible style. From close-out rails on two story buildings, enormous death gaps on and off of features, wallride transfers, and stairset handrails barren of snow that kink, twist, and turn leaving no margin for error; Clayton does it all with flow and style. Not bad for a kid from Rhode Island. Don’t miss out on this incredible edit from Mr. Vila.