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Furious Sun – A Serious Fun Production

K2 Skis is happy to present “Furious Sun” the K2 team movie, a Serious Fun Production. Click the link to watch the entire movie for FREE!¬† Read More >

Furious Sun Trailer

Mountain steeps to the streets of Boston, the K2 Factory Team spent last winter all over the globe, sliding on snow and having some #SeriousFun. The result, Furious Sun. Join the team as they throw it back at Mt. Hood, destroy urban features on the east coast, and chase the snow in Colorado, Utah, and more.

The full movie drops soon. Keep your eyes peeled and until then, party on.

Team K2 – Clayton Vila

One of the most respected skiers in the game, Clayton Vila is known for his crazy urban antics and incredible style. From close-out rails on two story buildings, enormous death gaps on and off of features, wallride transfers, and stairset handrails barren of snow that kink, twist, and turn leaving no margin for error; Clayton does it all with flow and style. Not bad for a kid from Rhode Island. Don’t miss out on this incredible edit from Mr. Vila.

50 Year Book Giveaway

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“50 Years of Serious Fun” is a super limited edition autobiographical history of K2 that recaps some of our greatest moments, stories, technology and fun. Half a century in the making and 194 pages in length, it’s guaranteed to both inform and entertain anyone with an interest in skiing – from the corduroy cruiser to the chute charger, and the park slayer to the pow slasher.

One person a day is selected at random to win, no purchase necessary. All you need do is type a little bit in the boxes below then click that “Enter” button at the bottom and BOOM! You’re all set to win. Well, maybe. Worst case scenario you receive an awesome email newsletter with tons of exclusive and rad content, right? Sounds like a win-win if you ask us.

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