K2 Skis Blog

Been waiting for Julie to post something about what happened after the Fedex guy showed up with her new K2 Gotbacks – but she’s been kinda busy … so here’s what happened.   About two weeks after the skis arrived, baby Kenzo showed up!  Yup – the little guy is now the newest (and only  male) addition to the WOW (Women of Winter) Team at Squaw Valley – seen here with WOW aunts Fran and El.  We’ll be needing a pair of K2 Juvy’s – you know he’ll be sliding around soon.  Then … it began to snow and it dumped and dumped – biggest snow storm before Thanksgiving in everyone’s recent memory.   So now it’s time to get those Gotbacks out on the hill! 

–Fran Tone, Norcal Regional Alliance Team Member