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We got this message from a fellow Alpine Guide, Rich Meyer, with an interesting last minute technique for replacing his touring skins.  While a bit random, it’s a pretty solid bit of information to keep in mind should you find yourself without skins and in need of a quick fix.

Consider adding this to your BC skiing tool kit:
What are your options when your luggage doesn’t show up on an international ski trip? 

“I arrived in the Lake District of Chile with about half my gear. By chance I found skis that would work with my boot and managed to cobble together a lot of other gear, but unfortunately no climbing skins could be found in Northern Patagonia in less than a day. So I roped up. Literally. I wrapped my skis with old pieces of climbing rope we found in our car.
To my surprise and excitement, it worked in the spring conditions fairly well.  Otherwise, I would have been booting in soft snow for multiple hours with an extra 15 lbs on my back. I did eventually throw the skis on my pack when conditions got a bit steeper and firmer, but overall it was a great quick fix.

Not to mention I was lucky enough to harvest 3000ft + of spring corn and pick up my lost luggage by the end of the day.  A good day was had, regardless of equipment.