K2 Skis Blog

Our first ‘MissFits Moment’ of the Summer with the one and only, Lexi DuPont!


Name: Lexi duPont
Age: 24
Hometown: Sun Valley, Idaho

K2 ski of choice: 13/14 Remedy 117
Why?: It is the perfect ski for charging big, steep mountains and cruising mellow pow runs in the resort. It has enough rocker to float through the pow, enough camber and side wall to hold an edge on the firmer snow and nice tail rocker to make quick turns in the trees.

Song you can’t get outta ya head:
Cash Flow by Major Lazer!!!! I heard it early on in the season with Collin Collins. He was like, “What is this song? It is amazing and it needs to be in a sick pow edit.” From then on every time I got in the car to drive to the hill I would blast this song.  It stuck with me all winter!!!

Funniest moment of this winter?
The funniest moment this winter had to be when Jacqui Edgerly and I were in Whistler with our friend Nadia trying to learn how to ride a snowmobile. Our friend hooked us up with a fresh 2013 Ski-Doo and we were so stoked!! It looked like it came straight out of a Batman movie and we both looked at it like this is sick but how do we even start this thing?!
After a little intro, I hopped on the front “Squirrel Style” (thats what the Canadians call it) while Jacqui stood behind me and drove the thing. The first hour of our ride was a bunch of bumpy ass switch backs. We couldn’t go faster than a mellow putt putt and every bump we went over, Jacqui’s hips would slam into the back of my head throwing my face into the handle bars. We had to stop every few minutes to catch our breath because we were laughing so hard.  By then end of the ride my goggles were all dented and my nose and lips were a little swollen. Anyone who has ridden a sled on bumpy switch backs with another person probably knows what I am talking about and how it totally sucks.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
I cant spit.

Favorite destination during the winter and why?
Alaska by far!!!! It is steep and deep and there are SPINESSSS!!! You can ski the steepest lines of your life straight to the ocean. It’s the most beautiful place on earth. It also snows a lot in Alaska so you can usually expect lots of powder!

Top three travel tips during the season?
1. Always bring a head lamp.
2. Carry your ski boots onto the plane in case they lose your luggage. It is usually easy to rent the rest of your equipment, but perfectly fitted ski boots are hard to come by. If you have your boots at least you know you will be able to ski as soon as you land.
3. Buy a ski bag with wheels! It will make your life a lot easier.

How do you stay in tiptop ski shape?
CROSS FIT FOR LIFE!!!! GRRRRRRR!!! I also love biking, climbing, yoga and surfing. I just try to do something active every day of the year. I call it training for life, not just skiing.

What are your summer essentials?
Water and a bikini!!!

What are your goals for next season?
My goal is always to have fun and to learn as much as I can!!! I would also like to work with Poor Boyz Productions again and ski lots of powder with my friends.

For all those guys taking interest, what’s your statussss?
hahahahaha private…