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For the first time in your ski career you had an injury that left you on the sidelines this season. Talk about how you have dealt with this adversity…
“Well it’s definitely been hard to deal with missing out on a ski season as you can imagine as my entire life revolves around skiing. Not an easy mental battle to win. And now I know how it goes. You don’t realize how precious the one thing you love to do most is until it’s taken away from you. A good realization point for me of how much I cherish this ski thing. But, Despite the mental battle of not being able to do this lovely sport, I have had more than enough time for my brain to run wild. And that’s where Super Proof comes into play. Without this injury happening Super Proof would not be on the track that it is on now. I have had the time to shape it into something unique and special to this industry. So good things do indeed come out of things that seem like they suck.”

It has been exciting to see you launch Super Proof Inc. this year. What has been the best thing about starting your own company?
“So many good things that I have noticed about starting this up. But it’s really just about how 100% of my own creativity can be fed right into the Super Proof brand. And of coarse the people I have gotten to work on this project thus far has been insane! Leigh Powis is one creative and extremely talented individual and couldn’t be happier that he is a part of the Super Proof fam. Brandon Kelly, an absolute wizard behind the lens of a camera and is a huge asset to the Super Proof team. And none of this would be possible without the helps and support from the production sponsorship from RedBull, Oakley, and K2.” 

In addition to #The Recruitment, do we have anything exciting to look forward to from Super Proof Inc this Fall?
“Oh yes, oh yes indeed! We at Super Proof plan to make some power moves for some big things coming this fall. I won’t spoil any surprises and I’ll keep it hush in the mean time. But The Recruitment will indeed be our full feature ski film also coming out this all. Keep an eye out for the film cause it’s gonna be a special one!”

There is a lot of speculation about where the name “Super Proof Inc.” came from– SP (Sean Pettit), Super Heroes Management (your agent). What is the true origin or inspiration?
“Hahaha! Yep. This has been a big question. Well, No, it didn’t come from my name or my agents company name. It actually started from when I looked at a bottle of booze and it read “70 proof.” I liked the word proof. I stuck some other numbers in front of proof to see how it sounded. Then, over quite some time of coarse, I thought what is a powerful word that if you put proof after would be the opposite of what that word stands for. Super Proof. It said so much of what we stand for. After that was written down. I knew that was gonna be the name of something I was gonna start. The whole project came next.”

Skiing has changed a lot since you were earning your stripes. What advice can you give to aspiring professional skiers in today’s world?
“Stay true, say wordddd! Haha. You just gotta do you. Be an approachable human. Don’t hide behind some image that you think will make you cooler. Cuz it won’t. It will do the opposite in fact. As long as you are who you are and you are killing it on skis. Dam! Your on your way to success.”

What skiers in the game right now do you get the most inspiration from?
“Far to many to name. I have little things that all different skiers inspire me to do. Everyone has something that makes them stand out. I look for those things.”

Lay out what a typical summer day looks like for you…
“Breaky, Board Shorts, Board Sports, BBQs, Boats and Babessss!”

How do you keep your body sculpted in the off-season?
“All of the above. Check.”

What were the circumstances around the last girl you smooched?
“No answer.”

Is there any lady that could lock down the illusive Sean P? (please do not name obscure females from Canadian popular culture)
“She’s out there somewhere.”

There’s some construction going on at the Pettit Palace. What are you building and when is the open house?
“Indeed The P Palace is expanding! We will have a new resident moving in. He goes by the name of Noah Bowman. I’m just building the empire that will host his future.”

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?
“Everybody keep it cool, love all you folks out there! And be sure to stay up with what’s goin down at SUPERPROOFINC.com