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Come up with a valid reason why you don’t need a helmet and we’ll send you one for free!

It’s a fact that not everyone wears a helmet.  Most of the objections to wearing a helmet have been overcome by helmet design, fit and function.  If there is an objection that hasn’t been addressed by new helmet designs, we want to know.  So go ahead, throw an excuse our way and if we can’t find a solution to why you don’t wear a helmet, we will ship you a brand new K2 Helmet.

Rules:  Post why you don’t wear a helmet to this thread or on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #k2excuses.  If the K2 heads can’t come up with a solution to your reason for not wearing a helmet, we will send you one for free.  Promotion starts on 9/3/14 and ends 9/26/14.

Read the fine print.