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Everybody knows that person. The family member who still has rear-entry boots, your roommate who still rocks 205cm skis that look like tooth pics, or your friend whose equipment is out of date, old, and plain garbage. Even your crazy uncle’s skis from six years ago are out of date. Ski tech has changed and it’s time that you help them out!

We realize it can be hard to stay current in an industry that continually reinvents itself, and even harder to believe the effect of current technology on the skier’s experience. However, all we know is this: skiing has become easier, more comfortable, and just flat out more fun, and our friends are blissfully unaware. We all have these friends, and we want to help them and you! It’s time to send them to Ski Habilitation.

We are launching a contest and want to target those dedicated few who refuse to update their gear. K2 wants to send them to Ski Habilitation or SkiHab. A 12 step program (ok well not 12 steps, but you get the point) that helps kit out your “loved one” in the latest K2 gear. The winner will get themselves and their friend a brand new head-to-toe set up so they no longer have to use that old equipment.

How do you enter? It’s easy, just submit a video, photo, haiku, oragami, short story, country song, expressive dance, or mix tape telling us why your friend needs SkiHab and send it to skihab@k2skis.com. So help that person closest to you, send ’em to SkiHab and score a new set-up yourself. Stage an intervention today! Get your friend to SkiHab!

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