K2 Skis Blog

Dads are the best! Besides telling him you love him and giving him a new pair of skis this Father’s Day, post a photo and hashtag #DadsSkiK2. Here’s what a few of our athletes had to say about their Dads…

McKenna Peterson:
My dad taught me how to stand on skis at age 2 and how to rip the Sun Valley bowls at age 5. He drove me to ski races and educated me on how to travel through the backcountry. He allowed me to skip inspection runs for powder runs and play hooky on those ultra deep days. He taught me the value of hard work and that the only way to improve is to practice. Today, I am still on his tails, and learning from him every step of the way.

Reggie Crist:
My dad and I in South America last year. The highlight was having him return to Portillo where he skied 55 years ago. According to him, ‘the place looks the same,’ except you didn’t have to take the train which was only way to get there in 1959.

Sam Schwartz:
As a kid my father and I used to ski every weekend at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Every time he would ski down the cat track my father would ski right on the edge and act as if he was about to fall off. I always worried he would fall off, but now I’m the one who worries him.

Corey Seemann:
My father Bob is the reason I love skiing today. He was Jean Claude Killy’s coach and manager of the Rossignol Pro Team back in the day. My dad has continued to support my dream of being an extreme skier and is always pushing me to the next level.

Jacob Beebe:

I always wanted to hike the cone at Mt. Bachelor when I was a kid and you helped me accomplish it! Thanks for all the good times growing up. Love you dad.

Birk Irving:
I don’t exactly remember this day but I’m sure that my dad was teaching me 360’s before I could speak. I appreciate all he’s done for me to help pursue my career of becoming a pro skier.

Cayden Wood:
My dad skis with me a lot and I think it’s pretty cool that he does. Not many dads do that. He’s as passionate as I am about the sport…well…almost.