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Ed Chase, 1951-2015


Words by Tom Beach
Former K2 Sales Rep

It was sometime in the late 70s when I first met Ed. Even as a green recruit to K2, I could see that the veteran reps and engineers treated Sleez like Gandalf, a wizard whose sublime technical magic could elevate the performance of any ski he touched.  During rare moments at ski tests or sales meetings when we could share time with him, he showed us tricks with files, Scotchbrite, 220-grit paper, brushes, wax and scrapers that most of us wouldn’t have discovered in our lifetimes. He welcomed our questions and endured our opinions, with that twinkle in his eye and generosity of spirit that defined his character as much as it enriched our own.  As he moved from the World Cup and Olympics, through K2 Marketing, then as a rep for K2, Ed brought his commitment to hard work and thoughtful, reasoned discussion to situations that often lacked them entirely, changing the game and inspiring us as he did.


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