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“A big, toothy grin cracked across Coombs’s face as he studied the mountains sprawling around him. The smile barely fit on his face. As long as he had been able to stand in ski boots, all he had ever wanted to do was make turns through snow. His passion for skiing and for being in these mountains radiated from his lanky, six-foot-two-inch frame like a force field, and whoever came into his presence got sucked right in by his charisma, infectious optimism, and undeniable talent. To see him navigate down a mountain was to witness perfection in motion, to watch a man fulfill his very purpose on this earth.”

April 3rd of this month was the 10 year anniversary of legendary ski mountaineer Doug Coombs’ passing. As we observe this milestone, Robert Cocuzzo has written a biography of Doug’s life; detailing not only his accomplishments in skiing but also the man himself. For more info and to preorder the book, go here.

Furthermore, the New York Times has written an excellent tribute article in remembrance of Doug, which can be found here. Read the article, preorder the book, and above all, enjoy the mountains the way Coombs did.