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Touring safely in the backcountry requires extensive knowledge of terrain and an understanding of a myriad of variables. These include but are not limited to the sun, wind and temperatures present and how they will affect the snowpack. While some of these tips can help minimize risk, the first step towards safely entering the backcountry is to take an AIARE Level 1 course.

Brush up on your skills with our Elevated Education Series. Here is our top 5 from the series, but check out other episodes for more knowledge on backcountry safety and awareness.

Skin Application. The first step to getting out and enjoying new zones is applying and removing your climbing skins properly.

The basics. Ski Touring is all about conserving energy and being efficient so you’re in top shape for the ride down.

Kick turns. Ah, the dreaded kick turn. Like most things, these just take practice. Take a look at Martin Volken making it look easy, then give it your best shot on your next tour.

Digging a snow pit. This video is the first of 5 concerning snow pits, and as the introduction, it would be worth watching them all. These are essential to understanding the snow pack, what to watch for and whether it’s safe to ski on an aspect.

Building an emergency shelter. This is an essential skill that could come in very handy someday. As Martin shows in the video, it can also be done as a minimalist shelter for mild-weather overnight tours.

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