K2 Skis Blog

To express our dedication to women in the industry, the K2 Ski Alliance has molded itself into a bigger entity since it’s inception in 2000. Not only do we have a group of R&D testers that devote many days on and off the snow to the women’s line, but we also have a Regional Alliance. This is a group of females around the globe who are committed to assisting their territory reps at events and demos as well as being influential spokeswomen for the best women’s ski products on the market.

In addition to these two groups of ladies, the female athletes on our roster make up a large part of the Alliance. They endorse our products in-person at various competitions, events and on the slopes worldwide, as well as promote the brand in ads, movies and social media networks.

The Alliance encourages all female skiers to be part of the camaraderie. If you or anyone you know wants to get involved please reach out to K2.  We’d love to hear from you, share stories and get out on the hill together. Pray for snow!

National Alliance:
Kim Reichelm – Claudeen Lyle – Heather-Paul Featherman – Janice Bachmeier

Regional Alliance:
Amy McCormick – Deanna Neu – Meghan Kelly – Anik Wild – Kelly Finnen – Shannon Smith – Leigh Pierini – Shannon Skouras
Amy Bauer – Lucy Sackbauer – Carrie Peterson – Kerrie Lohr – Allison Maddox – Debbie Clegg – Julie Brown
Kathleen Anderson – Susie Geilenfeldt – Charna Cummings – Eva Foster

Anna Segal – Lexi DuPont – Kelly Sildaru – Maggie Voisin – Christine Hargin – Kim Reichelm
Eveline Bhend – Pip Hunt – Yuki Tsubota – McKenna Peterson – Amie Engerbretson
Sierra Swan – Taylor Lundquist – Holly Walker